Saturday, 31 July 2010

Hand Poked Tattoos

A style of tattooing taught to me by Hannah Johnson, after going over a tattoo of my own.
I use needles that make three small pricks, I like that I can build up the design dot by dot. I'm still practicing, it takes a long time and can be more painful than gun tattoos, I'm told.

Spider tattoo I designed based around the house spider. I concentrated the joints and shapes of the legs. Its on the right side of my boyfriend's chest. I'm going to finish it with a little more grey shading on the body and a couple of legs.

I love the simple, classic shape of the Fleur de Lis. I was inspired by the structural shading in Victorian filligree designs. It is on Antonia's ribs, the left side. I am also tattooing two upside down Fleur de Lis on my own ankles. Its taking a little while to finish. It's an awkward angle and pretty painful. but coming soon....

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