Monday, 6 September 2010

Pigeon Hat

Pigeon Hat

Pigeon Hat, side profile

Pigeon hat
I caught, killed, ate and taxidermied a pigeon to make this hat. I used a classic 1940's style shape because it complimented the shape of the bird. I love the pattern that the shades of the grey feathers create and the way green and purple colours come through on the neck feathers in the light. Pigeons are seen as vermin. I wanted to pay homage to the pigeon and celebrate its beauty influenced by the taxidermy hats women worn in the early 1900's. The fashion then was to adorn hats with tropical bird feathers, but I think our native birds are underappreciated. It has a faux glass pearl for an eye I and tinted the socket with gold ink. My intention is not to shock, I just want to make beautiful pieces out of the things I love.

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