Friday, 20 August 2010

Taxidermy in Progress

Gold Finch. A gift from my Father. He found it on a walk in Suffolk, we think it was killed by a fox. Shampooed and body removed ready for blow drying when the feathers fluff up again. The yellow stripe through its wing is how it gets its name, which if you ask me, is blatant false advertising. That's not gold. Once finished I will to correct this. I have been experimenting with inks and gold powder to recolour the feathers.

Pigeon wing. I was given the pigeon by a man that works for Rent-o-kill. I just kept the wings because they had the nicest patterns on. A friend asked me to make a bra type winged contraption to wear over dresses so I think this will be the pair for her.
Both the pigeon wings and the gold finch are currently drying out in a cake tin full of Borax.

The mouse my Brother caught. I thought it looked adorable and its head is uncrushed so its currently in a freezer in Hackney waiting for transportation.

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